Hail the Guest!

Welcome to the South East Kindred’s website.

The South East Kindred is a folkish, Asatru Alliance affiliated, Kindred in the Jacksonville, Florida area. The Kindred formed in October of 2009. The South East Kindred is committed to incorporating the beliefs and morals of our ancestors into our daily lives. Whether it is through troth with the Aesir and Vanir, a close connection with the Alfar and Disir, or through study of the materials available to us from scholarly as well as popular sources.

We spend our time together between study groups and moots, working to meet new people in the local area. By doing this, we hope to extend the network of Northern Florida Heathens as well as answer questions about the Folkway as much as possible. As of late we have had a great turn out to our events – we are proud to continue holding the events. We boast having as many as 20 people at our moots and upwards of 25 to our weekend events. Getting people out to real events and off of Facebook is one of our high concerns. We are confident that it will continue.

We welcome you to browse our web site. Please feel free to contact the Kindred with your thoughts and questions, we will do our best to accommodate every email. You may have heard of┬ásome people whose actions give us give us a bad name and we don’t want to let a few bad apples be the impression of the vibrant Folkway we have available to us. So, come out and meet us at one of the open monthly moots with completely open doors – we aim to break down assumptions and misconceptions.

Hail the Gods!
Hail the Ancestors!
Hail the Folk!

Written by:
Justin “Magnus” Robson
Founder of South East Kindred